Struts Html Tags

This taglib contains tags used to create struts input forms, as well as other tags generally useful in the creation of HTML-based user interfaces. The tags in the Struts HTML library form a bridge between a JSP view and the other components of a Web application. Since a dynamic Web application often depends on gathering data from a user, input forms play an important role in the Struts framework. Consequently, the majority of the HTML tags involve HTML forms.

For each element in the table, the tag has an html prefix. For example, base is <html:base>

Tag Name Description
base Render an HTML <base> Element
button Render A Button Input Field
cancel Render a Cancel Button
checkbox Render A Checkbox Input Field
errors Conditionally display a set of accumulated error messages.
file Render A File Select Input Field
form Define An Input Form
frame Render an HTML frame element
hidden Render A Hidden Field
html Render an HTML <html> Element
image Render an input tag of type “image”
img Render an HTML img tag
javascript Render JavaScript validation based on the validation rules loaded by the ValidatorPlugIn.
link Render an HTML anchor or hyperlink
messages Conditionally display a set of accumulated messages.
multibox Render A Checkbox Input Field
option Render A Select Option
options Render a Collection of Select Options
optionsCollection Render a Collection of Select Options
password Render A Password Input Field
radio Render A Radio Button Input Field
reset Render A Reset Button Input Field
rewrite Render an URI
select Render A Select Element
submit Render A Submit Button
text Render An Input Field of Type text
textarea Render A Textarea
xhtml Render HTML tags as XHTML


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